Earning Honest Dollars Online

Have you ever wondered how to earn honest money online without getting scammed or ripped off by unscrupulous people and actually make a living from the business model? Well I’m here to tell you that not only can you do that, but that it is not as difficult as you thought it might be.

The trick is to get smart and learn how it’s done from successful people who already make their living from the Internet and are not afraid to show you the ropes. Someone like me, for example!

How to Make Money Online?

One of the most often asked questions people have when they are confronted by the awesome vastness of the Internet is how they can make money from this huge opportunity that is sitting there in front of them on their computer, laptop, tablet or phone. The sheer size of the worldwide web is just staggering and where there are lots of people looking at stuff, there has to be a way to turn some of them into buyers, right?


There are several ways of making money online that are not only real, but perfectly legal and honest. Some of the more popular of them are as follows:

  • Creating content for businesses or your own business startup
  • Building websites, apps or software packages for businesses or your own use
  • Offering expert services to businesses
  • Leveraging advertising on social platforms
  • Creating a product that you can promote and sell

These are the main ways most Internet money earners make their income and each point covers a range of sub-topics that I’ll introduce you to and then get to explaining in more depth later on as I add more articles to this blog.

Creating Content

The Internet is built upon the foundation of content. Content of all sorts, from written text documents, spreadsheets or data input to video, images and audio: basically all kinds of media forms that people want to look at, watch, hear or read.

You may be a writer that can create researched articles for news or magazine sites, information blogs or other marketers who need written documents to publish on their websites. This can earn you a full time income if you’re a good writer, or pocket money if you’re not very good but can still write quickly and churn out low quality articles that site owners will pay low rates for.

Building Websites, Software, Apps etc

If you have the expertise and knowledge to be able to build great looking websites or produce working apps or software that businesses need, you can make good money. Some of the top app makers earn a full time income and a great lifestyle to go with it.

It all depends on how good you are at what you do. The better you are, the higher your rates can be and businesses will pay top dollar for innovative, unique and killer programs or interactive sites.

Expert Services

All businesses need the expert services of people that are good at the things they need. You might be very good at organizing tasks and people and may make a very good virtual assistant at the low end of the scale or a top paid personal assistant to a company CEO at the other.

Services include the ability to create efficient task scheduling, organizing staff or company assets, managing people or their day to day tasks, completing all kinds of tasks that company bosses don’t have the time to do themselves and so on. The thing to remember is if you have a skill that a company needs, then you can earn money for providing your service to that company, kind of like an online job!

Leveraging Advertising

This is an interesting side of the online income makers’ craft. It is where individuals who prefer not to work for companies or other people learn how to create their own online pages, websites or social profiles and leverage them to attract high numbers of targeted visitors to whom they promote or advertise products they will buy.

Best known as affiliate marketing (and this is what the author makes his own full time income from), it enables anyone who is willing to put in the work and the time to learn how to earn commissions from sales of products or services offered by other companies, manufacturers or online retailers.

Creating Your Own Product

A step up from affiliate marketing whereby you spend your time promoting someone else’s product to earn a commission percentage of each sale is in creating your own product and keeping 100% of the profits for yourself. Many of the biggest earners online do this and it can be an extremely lucrative side of Internet Wealth generation.

The kind of product you produce is up to you. The most popular kind are digital products such as software packages, design packages, training courses, training books (ebooks) and self-published books both fiction and non-fiction via stores like Amazon.

You can also sell physical products that either you import from a low cost supplier or manufacture yourself. This can include anything from homemade arts and crafts, jewelry, printed items such as mugs, phone cases, tee shirts right up to factory manufactured products in bulk. This is best known as eCommerce whereby you create your own online store to sell your products and promote the store through advertising or leveraging a variety of traffic sources.

Is It Real?

You may be wondering if this is even real or just a fanciful load of hogwash designed to fill you full of hopes only to dash them all when reality kicks in. Not so!

Just look around you at what you can see for yourself. Stores like Amazon are among the biggest retailers in the world and they do all their business via the Internet! Advertisers place their ads everywhere from website pages to videos you watch on Youtube.

They don’t do it for fun. They’re making millions collectively from it!

And you can grab a piece of this action all for yourself. All you need to do is want to do it and be ready to learn new skills and apply them.

That’s all for now, but I hope it’s got you fired up enough to want to take this on board and make it happen for you. Visit my other website at www.thehonestway.com that deals with the ways to make money online honestly. Or check back again right here soon and I’ll show you how!


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