Selling Real Things Online that People Want

Often when I tell people what I do for a living, they ask if Affiliate Marketing is not a scam. I assure them it is completely honest, as long as I sell real things to people, things they actually want and not snake oil digital products they don’t really have any use for.

How can you sell real things to people online?


Product Marketing

Let me explain how this works in the real world and how selling real products on the Internet is actually every bit as above board and desirable as TV advertisers selling you the same products as they interrupt your favorite TV show with commercial breaks. First you need to understand that all I do is mimic the TV advertisers but instead of showing 30 second audio-visual clips (adverts), I write about products like appliances, tools, home accessories etc on web pages and include a link to the manufacturer or retailer’s own website where they sell the goods.

The concept is simple. If you were to read one of my web-based product reviews and liked what you hear about the product and decide that you want it, you simply click the link to be forwarded direct to the seller’s e-commerce website. The link contains a tracking code that simply tells the e-commerce site owner that you came from my review page.

If you go ahead and buy the product from the manufacturer, I get paid a commission for sending you over there. It’s like I get paid for doing some basic advertising through a real review of the product so you get value by learning about the product before you buy it. After you bought it and it gets delivered to your home, it turns out to be exactly what I said it would be and more often than not, the customer (you) is happy with their purchase.

Win-win for the customer, the manufacturer and me (the reviewer/advertiser).

Web Review vs TV Commercial

What just happened was a potential customer was provided with valuable information about the product they wanted and when they bought it, they got what they wanted without any nasty surprises. Go back to the TV commercial for the same product and see the difference in what the advertiser does and what I do.

The TV advertiser uses all their skill and know-how to convince you to buy the product by making it look great, but without telling you anything about it. When you buy it on the strength of a TV ad, you get what looked great on TV but when you open the box, it might not be anything like what you were sold it as being.

So now you know the difference and once you realize how I go about earning honest money online, it’s easier to see how it is as legitimate and real as TV advertising with the added bonus that you get pre-sale information about the product from me that is generally more comprehensive and detailed than the TV ad can provide.

That’s mainly because the TV advertiser can’t squeeze a full review into 30 seconds. So they just use every second of that time to convince you that you really want whatever it may be they’re selling. You know how it goes since you probably watch a lot of TV shows… and by association, a lot of TV commercials.

Think about that next time you wonder how some things actually are more honest than you may be lead to believe.

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