Making Money Online

If you’re looking for some legitimate ways to make money online using tried and tested methods and not having to purchase an expensive training course from some guru or other, here is a way that I know about that I’ll share with you.

The goal is to make money using a computing device hooked up to the Internet, which is basically what defines being online is, but doing it legitimately using existing means that work through a network that will actually pay you once you have generated the money.

I’m here to tell you that you can (and relatively quickly too) learn how to make some money online and keep making it over time so it builds into a useful and valuable income source.

Why Earn Cash Online?

making money onlineFirst of all, you may wonder why you would even want to go through the learning process to figure out how you can generate an income from the Internet.

Especially if you already have a pretty well paid job that you may even actually like!

Well, I have learned from my many years of experience that people that really like their jobs and that their jobs are well paid and secure occupy a rather small minority of the general working population. If you fall into that category, congratulations are in order because you are one of a very small group of extremely lucky individuals!

As for the rest of us (and I include myself in there, because many moons ago, I also worked a job – several actually – that I did not like very much at all) the job is no more than a means to an end. That end being a vehicle for paying the bills and making it possible to survive modern life and maybe be able to treat yourself to something nice once in a while.

Given the opportunity to tell the boss where to go and walk away from what feels like a never ending prison sentence, many people would jump at the chance.

I did, although it was rather a long time ago when I worked in the IT section for a major national bank. The feeling I got when I was actually free from that lunatic asylum that called itself a financial institution was elation on steroids!

Anyway, I could go on about the why for a rather long time, but that wouldn’t really get us anywhere, would it? Suffice it to say, an opportunity to work for yourself and make a decent living from it is something worth grasping for.

Earning an online income is just such an opportunity.

How Does it Work?

There are several flavors of money generation from the Internet, but many of them are nothing more than pseudo-jobs like for example ghost-writing or content creation for companies or entrepreneurs already making their income online and that prefer to outsource the grunt work.

I want to concentrate on the kind of pursuit where you go after the money by placing products or services in front of potential buyers and make commission based on the sales you generate.

Basically, it’s being a sales person but without the need to meet face to face with your buyer or even to talk with them on the phone. There are some different ways to even do this, but my main method I use personally and that I will share with you is called affiliate marketing.

Learning it won’t always be easy and the caveat is that you will of course have to work hard. You’ll need to learn how to push through some mistakes and failures along the way.

However, it can be done and in fact IS done every single day by many thousands of affiliate marketers around the globe. The Internet has created so many possibilities for people to start making money online regardless of age, location or background.

It enables you to build a sustainable, online business or even just a side project that can make you extra and repeatable money every single month.

Before we dive in, I should address the elephant in the room: “There is no such thing as an online money-making get-rich quick scheme.”

In fact, most of the “quick and easy” tricks people talk about when it comes to creating an income online are not really true businesses. OK, some of them may be good for the creation of a few hundred bucks here and there, but they are not going to do you any good when it comes to unlocking your financial freedom where you can achieve complete control of your lifestyle.

Create Your Own Website or Blog

The legit way to start to make money is to create a solid foundation from where you’ll reach out to the world. Since we’re using the Internet, the best platform is your own space in the world wide web: a website/blog that you own and control.

You will need to buy a domain (a to host the website or blog on. You will need to buy hosting from a legitimate hosting company (there are plenty of them about). And you will need to learn how to build the website and populate it with content. There is the first hurdle that stops most people from even attempting to do this!

It is NOT easy to build a website if you don’t know how. Well of course it isn’t!

It isn’t supposed to be easy, or everyone would be doing it!

You can get started at entry level by, once you have your hosting set up, installing a WordPress website /blog onto your domain. or you can really get into this and learn how to build your own website using the HTML language that all websites are build with. The choice is yours.

I chose to build my own websites with HTML and only use WordPress on a few of my sites – or in this case, a free WordPress blog. There are advantages and disadvantages of doing either of these things. I don’t want to get into them too deeply here, but here is a few quick thoughts of mine:

With a WordPress blog, there are aspects of the setup that are out of your direct control, such as the programmatic nature of most of the setup and the database that is created. Hackers like to hack into WordPress sites because they seem to know how to do it more easily than breaking into hard-coded html sites.

I like to have full control over every line of code that makes up my websites, so I chose to go the more difficult route of learning how to code in HTML and CSS myself.

The end result to starting an Internet business is to create a window onto the world that people can visit and browse at their leisure. Your website must provide value for your visitors or they’ll just go elsewhere.

Make Commission

Intermingled with your valuable valuable content that will hold a visitor’s attention for long enough, will be the occasional recommendation for a product or service that compliments the subject of the article they’re reading. Basically that means selling them something they want.

There are thousands of businesses that will pay you honest commission in varying amounts to sell their products in your website articles or recommend that your visitors should subsequently visit such companies own websites to buy from them, direct.

You need to sign up with the company’s affiliate program (if they have one) or with an affiliate network that will put you in touch with many companies that will pay you for promoting them and their stuff. I’ll get into that side of the equation in my next post.

Stay tuned!

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