How to Make Money Typing on a Computer

Do you have a computer with a keyboard and you want to start making money with it? I’m going to show you right here how to make money typing on a computer!

It’s great to help entrepreneurs just like you go out there and create income for  yourself. I remember a very big entertainment  forum website with lots of links to it.

There were lots of people there and in the  end it got shut down. It was one of those
websites that just too many copyright links were on there.  It was a great source of income at that time online, all because I had built that up to make money online and then one day it was shut

I guess it got so many letters of people that were looking for copyright but so what happened was the website got shut down

Anyway,  I was in a place where I needed to figure out what I was gonna do next. I figured I need to figure out how I was gonna generate income. So I needed to go online
search around.

Start Searching

I know you’ve probably done that too you search around you’re looking for things to do. So one of the things I started to do was I created a blog I started writing. Just writing from my blog, writing articles.

I would go find you know topics that people wanted to learn about and I would just start writing articles. It started to take off. It started to get some traction sort of get some SEO. Google was really sending good traffic to it and I started to generate
some good income affiliate income from it.

So people will click on the links and then going out well then what happened was I started to get emails from people saying hey I really like your content and like your articles. Would you be able to write articles for us?

Write Articles

So I had different companies that would pay me to write articles for them I would just
they would give me a topic and I would go research it and I would go out there
and that was the only way I was really generating income. It was I just didn’t have anything else going for me so I knew that you know when your back’s against the wall you have to figure something out.

And that’s what I did for that so I just ready to start writing content and I figured out there’s lots and lots of companies out there that do the same thing. They’re looking for
people to write content for them and so that’s what I want to do for you now.

Before we jump into that though there’s going to be a link further down the page to an article that explains what right now is  my number one recommended opportunity right here online. It can help you make passive income with money coming in almost every day.

I like to come out with great new articles for you. You know work from home just anything that’s gonna help you have success.

Can You Type?

So with that in mind you have it you have the ability to type and you have the ability to create content. If you don’t have the ability to type I’ll show you how I tricked it that
will get you the content so you can have this for your website or blog.

WP Hub

Let’s go to a website right here okay. This is WP hub. This is WordPress. This is an article site, it’s a directory or a place where people come to learn about WordPress, about plugins, about hosting and all things WordPress.

It’s a super hot topic people love to create web sites around WordPress well if you go to WP hub and you go to you can see on W help they’re gonna have all kinds of tutorials and they’re gonna have articles and things like that to help people with WordPress.

So what you do is you come out here to the very bottom and you go to where it says “Write For Us.” They’re looking for content just like I told you when I was getting people were coming to me and they were looking for content. They were getting hired out.

Well if you come down here it says they’re gonna pay you anywhere from 1 article OK. That’s big if you create an article and you send it to them they’re gonna pay anywhere from 2  dollars per article and you can go out there and you can research this and you
can learn about WordPress and you can just all you can do is watch some videos on YouTube and you can learn about it.

And then write articles for WP hub and you can get paid very good money for that. So you just got to reach out to them let them know is you want to start writing for them and they’re gonna pay you for that . So here’s another great website now this is Linode so we’ll go to Leno calm the first one is gonna be WP hub calm so WP hub calm this was gonna be Lin calm.

Cloud Hosting

This is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is where everybody’s going right now. Cloud hosting is really big right now. There’s a big battle between Google and Amazon and even Microsoft’s jumping into the cloud hosting game right now so there’s a real battle.

Amazon is is really the king right now, with that they just came out earlier and Google’s trying to play catch-up with them. But there’s a real kind of battle for that and so there’s big demand for lots of articles and things like that so over on Linoy there’s if you go to guides and tutorials they have a lot of guys they have a lot of tutorials now if
you come here to the very bottom you can see it says contribute to our library so
what they’re gonna do is you’re gonna pay you up to $3.
gonna be a guide as tutorial .

This is something that’s gonna help people in the cloud hosting environment so you can
go out there and you can learn about it you can research it and then you can create a guide upload it to the community and then they’ll pay you upwards of $3.

Create Content

Ask yourself well maybe I don’t know how to type. Maybe I don’t know how to create this content. You can use websites like I write or calm now I writers very inexpensive they’ll help you create some content to help you some create the guide and you’re just gonna have to you know if you can’t write it yourself you just have to split the cost.

Like split the the income that you get from this website with Iwriter and they’ll help you write the article for you. But if you get into a groove of really creating content for them then you can really crank these out

Another great place is going to be go to up work and if you if you just go to like this if you should go to like article writer and you and you hit search I believe it all come up yeah I did right here wait. Yeah article writer so right here says experience book an article editor.

You can find somebody you know a lot of these are going to be here in the state but I have found people that are going to be in different parts of the world. They’re going to be a lot cheaper just because of the cost of living and other place in the world are going to be a lot less and they don’t require a lot of money up front.

But there’s going to be tons of people in here they’re gonna help you write these articles. So you just you got to work with them and you just got to figure out what their rate is gonna be and then you would have to split the cost. Now what I recommend you doing is just just figure out how you can learn how to do this figure out how you can learn how to type and write the content and then you can put these out yourself.

Write it Yourself

Then you don’t have to split with anybody else but again if you know if you need help you can go to these places right here and they’ll help you out. I would suggest you just start learning how to type.

Start typing so you are creating articles, going out there learning new things and then putting those articles into these directories and get paid from them!

So there you go one hundred two hundred dollars three hundred hours from this website right here and there’s lots and lots of these these communities out there. These are just two examples of places out there and what I happen is if you start to get good at this then you’ll start to get more requests from other people to start creating articles for their website, for their blogs, for their companies.

Things like that alright so there you go hey if you want to get some information on passive income here’s the link mentioned above. Hit that real quick I’ll send you my number one recommended opportunity right here online.