Surprise, surprise, this is my about page! What’s it about? It’s about this site, me and what I’m doing creating a site like this in particular!

I’m Terry, a long term Internet Marketer, working from my home office to make a full-time income since around 2007.

My main source of income is affiliate marketing, which I’ve done rather well at over the years thanks to learning everything I could about SEO and traffic generation.

I like to write about some of my experiences and share some of my knowledge in this field, hence the existence of this site in blog format.

I have also written and published two short books and it is my intention to write and publish more as time permits (writing books take up a lot of time). But making commission from affiliate offer is very satisfying, especially when I turn on the laptop in the morning and see how much money I’ve made while I slept.

How many jobs do you know of where you can do THAT consistently!

Yep, making money in my sleep is a real motivator to keep creating and building while I’m awake. Oh yeah, I also make money during the day. In fact it’s pretty much 24/7/365 since I can take a day off or a week off whenever I want but the Internet never sleeps!

– Terry