Making Money: Useful Techniques

There’s nothing quite like getting hold of some useful techniques for making money online! Well, here are a few that I hope you’ll like and be able to take forward to your own set up.

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to sell a product or service online?

Some people think that it only involves getting your offer in front of a customer and then the job’s done. However, for those of us who have spent thousands of failed PPC campaigns or on SEO, we all know that it simply not the case.

It takes much more effort and a host of techniques and strategies to complete those sales and start making money online.


If you don’t know what pre-selling is, you should know more about this useful marketing technique.

The name of the strategy is self-explanatory in regard to what it does. So let’s take a look at this technique that involves selling things people want.

There are several guidelines that you should be aware of, especially if you want to do this very well. If you put your mind to it, you can probably think of many instances where you have experienced pre-selling.

What it boils down to is basically setting up a page with a certain kind of content designed to ″warm up″ a prospective customer. It’s done by telling them about how much the product will enhance their life in some way (a way that is relevant to the product).

It also serves to highlight the problems that our potential buyer faces and how this product will solve their problems. The idea is to build a powerful sense of desire for the product because of what it can do for them, before sending them on to the actual vendor’s sales page where it becomes their job to close the sale (making you the commission for your trouble).

Usually, people that understand this process do so intuitively without even knowing why. You need to be able to do this technique as it is essential to online marketing.


It may be time to apply some new and popular techniques to attract more people to your website and products. In this approach, you will only concentrate on one approach or tool -holding webinars. Webinars can be easily marketed to a targeted list, so you should study some list building tactics if you don’t have a list already.

It’s best to use your list to promote the webinar, and then the webinar will help drive traffic to your sales page. This is one of the latest ways to engage in relationship marketing, and it can be very effective.

While webinars can be used to market specific products, they’re even better for building trust and credibility with your subscribers.

Adding Value

Adding value to an existing product is something that you can do when making your own product. Just create it and also change the delivery method after the customer buys. Once you change the media format of the product, you can deliver it in a different way.

In many cases you can actually open up completely new markets to start earning honest dollars online. Take for instance a particular product, originally marketed on the basis of how well it helps to solve your problem and how it can also be used to do things that will make your life easier in some way.

Book to Video

So you can take a book and then make a video series out of it. Perhaps you will find the video product that you can make an e-book out of.

You could also make videos based on an e-book. As long as you are not merely copying someone else’s product, doing this is okay. It is essential that you do some exploration in regard to creating a better product than the one that you found.

When you find a product to copy, don’t think you are doing something wrong! This is done all the time in every industry.

Although this is related to video sales letters, it is different and unique in and of itself. Pre-selling your products is what you will do in these videos. If you have an e-mail list, you can write a pre-sell video for them.

Now that is something I have never seen in all my many years of online marketing. Pre-selling is the focus of this particular type of strategy. Finding out more about this topic is in your best interest if you want to do it in the most efficient and profitable way.

If you know what you are doing, make the video right away. If you don’t, you need to find out more about pre-selling before a video can be made.

Product creation is very easy to do, but unless you know your niche audience, all of your efforts will lead to zero sales. If you do the research ahead of time, you will know if your product will sell or not.

If you don’t do your research, you may feel terrible when the sales do not come in. Success with your product will solely be based upon the research you do prior to making the product. Do your research and prosper!